UNITE EUROPE 2017 conference

We were present at the European conference UNITE EUROPE 2017 which took place in Amsterdam from 27 to 29 June 2017.

UNITY® is the world’s leading platform for the development of games, videos, simulations, 3D content, 2D and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality in the Gaming and Industrial sectors.

On this occasion, we went to this event given that UNITY® is a major tool used by OPERANTIS for the development of our training products. OPERANTIS uses this platform for many years and constantly follows its evolution to produce state-of-the-art tools to meet the expectations of our customers.

UNITY® as a key tool

At the request of our partners and when the pedagogical interest is suited as well, we offer our tailor-made 3D real-time solutions that are sometimes coupled with Virtual or Augmented Reality devices. In fact, these so-called “practical” training courses represent a constantly growing activity at OPERANTIS with convincing results both for the retention rate, which is often improved, and for the learners’ acceptance of the tool.

For all these reasons we place great importance on the qualification of our employees so that they acquire a perfect mastership of UNITY®. At the end of this conference, a certificate of proficiency was issued to our developers to qualify them and allow them to use the potential of UNITY®.

OPERANTIS is absolutely committed to offering solutions that meet as much as possible customers’ requirements. Continuous technological watch is therefore essential to stay up-to-date, evolve and deliver particularly innovative solutions.