AI is part of the latest version of the railway editor

The beginning of 2021 sees the finalization of an intense research and development phase initiated during 2020 for the road editor project.

This simulation tool, developed with ALSTOM for the SELENA simulator, enables the real-time creation of a road network on which vehicles and pedestrians can navigate autonomously. Using the latest artificial intelligence technologies, the simulation calculation algorithms enable vehicle and pedestrian flows to behave realistically in any situation.
To increase the realistic aspect of the simulations, optimization functions allow the user to be constantly surrounded by many vehicles and pedestrians without impacting the fluidity of the scenery.
The major innovation of the road editor consists of the ability to create in real time a network of vehicles and pedestrians immediately usable in simulation (real time edition).
This evolution is an important step for our railway simulation platform which already includes the railway lines editor. Now in the final validation phase, the route editor has been integrated on the latest released customer simulation projects.