Pharmaceutical laboratory in VR



Our client, a large pharmaceutical group, has commissioned us to design and produce a tool to train its operators in the field of professional gestures and aseptic manipulations outside of real working environments. This tool must also allow the assessment and monitoring of the trainee throughout the training.



Allow time savings on training times.
Facilitate access to equipment by using virtual means.
Allow learning by mistake without risk for the trainee.
Evaluate the operators in real or deferred time.
Identify the “gaps” of already trained operators and strengthen their know-how. (Gesture, good practices and personal protective equipment, etc.).



Providing a complete virtual reality kit (PC, headphones and controllers etc.)
Producing 3D environments of the customer’s installations.
Physics management (gravity, liquid and collision).
Integration of an instructor station to insert disturbers/anomalies during operations.
Personal debriefing (gestures, actions and success rate etc.).
Integrated LMS.