Our solutions

We offer custom designed learning solutions to suit our clients’ specific needs and constraints.

It is important to distinguish between Learning, Practice, Training and Certification – Operantis provides a full range of training tools for each of these activities.

Ensuring compliance with our clients’ goals and expectations, Operantis provides the most appropriate educational solution from the four technologies described below.


Operantis has created many hundreds of custom-made e-learning solutions for self-directed theoretical learning. With self-directed learning, it is not necessary to provide human or material resources, which results in a significant cost reduction.

These solutions also help to standardise educational messages, thus avoiding any possible misinterpretations. Thanks to their clear and interactive learning approach, our solutions facilitate the assimilation of the educational content and guarantee better results.


From simple exercises to training simulations to real-life situations, the Serious Games developed by OPERANTIS allow learners to immerse themselves in an all-encompassing environment where they are able to permanently acquire the knowledge required by their daily activities.

A way to improve performance, Serious Games facilitate the implementation of the knowledge acquired and accelerate the learning process.


Along the same lines as its simulators, Operantis designs and develops 3D Training Tools to assist in the implementation of specific business processes. Mid-way between a Serious Game and a Simulator, these Training Tools allow students to perform a given procedure in a specific environment, as identified by the instructor.

The Training Tools guide students and help them to them identify risk situations. Like simulators, 3D Trainers keep a record of the students’ progress, which can be accessed by the instructor, thus facilitating the debriefing sessions.


In a continual process of adaptation to the specific requirements of each business sector, Operantis produces full simulators with an integrated educational approach. Executable both with and without an instructor, these devices generate data that can be used to monitor learners and provide feedback.

In addition to these characteristics, the simulator reacts to the actions of the learner in real-time to ensure complete immersion in the given environment. Our simulators are fully configurable, scalable, do not require any specific hardware investment, and deliver high-quality and high-performance training programmes.