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Focus on railway simulation

In the railway sector, AKKA teams are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to improve the operational contexts of simulation. The line editor project has been designed and implemented with this objective in mind, with a WISIWIG software solution that improves the quality of rendering while optimizing production time.

Focus on virtual reality

Discover 3 benefits of using Virtual Reality for training operators (energy, chemistry, hydrocarbons, nuclear, railway, aeronautic, pharmaceutical and other industries).

Focus on digital learning

OPERANTIS, a subsidiary of the AKKA Group, specialises in the design and development of multi-media training products dedicated to industrial companies. Our services are divided into three areas: digital learning, virtual reality and simulation.

Focus on support solutions

In aeronautics, as part of an aircraft transaction, AKKA teams are required to carry out technical assessments of airliners.The IRIS project was set up to optimize this activity, with a tablet-based software solution to rationalize, secure and speed up this process of quality inspection.


In the framework of the “Aircraft of the Future” project (Link & Fly), AKKA has associated Operantis teams to a collaboration on the concept of a new digital cockpit. Pilots, engineers, ergonomists and developers worked several months together in collaborative design approach, here is the result of their research work.

Focus on life sciences

Regulatory developments, best practices and manufacturing approaches involve new skills and new “professional” requirements. Operantis produces hands-on virtual reality training simulators for pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, medical devices and healthcare professionals. Our applications in immersive reality make it possible to undertake the training of operators and caregivers in professional gestures and aseptic manipulations outside real working environments.


Focus on flash migration to HTML5

By 2020, web browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome and Edge, etc.) will no longer support FLASH technology. Will your training tools still be operational tomorrow? Operantis is your partner for retaining your eLearning content in the long run and to assure your migration of FLASH to HTML5.