Operantis certified ISO 9001: 2015

OPERANTIS masters the requirements of the standard since 2009 in order to better meet the needs of our customers.

In November 2017, our certificate ISO 9001 version 2015 has been renewed.
The audit was led by Bureau Veritas, it lasted 2 days and inspected 6 processes of our Quality Management System.

Results of the audit

Our quality management system is in line with this new ISO version (no major or minor non conformity detected), adapted to our organization and efficient.
2 opportunities have been identified for the improvement of our Information System, and these opportunities are currently being implemented.
As well, strengths such as being an innovative company, especially in the field of Virtual Reality, have been mentioned by the auditor.

The very good results of the customer satisfaction survey, with 93% of our satisfied customers, (see this article for more details) were also one of the highlights of this audit.

What brought us this version of the standard

The deployment of the V2015 version, issued 1 year ago, has allowed us to better formalize what we were already doing intuitively: the management of risks and opportunities at the company level, processes and projects.
For this, we have been using marketing techniques such as SWOT but also the standard risk analysis techniques like FMEA.

Taking into account the needs and expectations of the interested parties did not deeply changed our current system; however it allowed us to improve the state-of-the-art.

Finally, we also took the opportunity to reduce our documentary system.

And what is now?

Now, it is time to maintaining all our risk and opportunity analyzes, as well as the continuous improvement of our processes.