MapMaker: innovative training and communication tool for Eurosam (SAMP/T)

Eurosam is historical customer for Operantis. After successful development of theoretical courseware (e-Learning) about the deployment and maintenance of SAMP/T (land-based medium-range surface-to-air missile) which is based on the missile ASTER 30, Operantis has developed the MapMaker: a communication / marketing tool around SAMP/T system. All system modules are shown in real-time 3D and deployed in several operational environments.

A realistic environment

The application uses the maps modelled out of satellite data extracted from BING Map site. These maps represent topographic data only, and contain no elevation regarding buildings. However, a simple volume (cylinder or sphere) represents cities. Radar exclusion zone is placed in 3D over capitals and main cities located on the map.

A map is defined according to 3 zoom levels:

  • One zone 2295 km by 2295 km, with elevation sampling steps every 560 meters,
  • Two zones 286 km by 286 km, with elevation sampling steps every 70 meters,
  • One zone 71 km by 71 km, with elevation sampling steps every 17 meters.

Depending on the zoom, one passes from one zone to another through a fade-out effect, in case when the camera is located above.

Rich functional interface

The human-machine interface of this application « Microsoft Office strip »-like, and offers the following functions:

  • Navigation in real-time 3D
  • The mini-map with additional detailed zone visualisation (it can be hidden if needed)
  • The representation of missile system units and the behavior of trucks display/disappearance is extremely intuitive. By drag and drop-ping the selected truck, one lets it display on the map along with the values indicated in “Option selection”
  • Radar zones are displayed and scaled, along with their scanning rays
  • Data are recorded in a pre-defined folder. If the filename exists already, then a warning message is displayed. Available maps are displayed in a drop-down list.

MapMaker tool is used by Eurosam at shows or negotiations to illustrate and show the capabilities of SAMPT/T system radar coverage on the scale of a whole country.

This coverage is calculated in real-time, taking into account landscape constraints and Mercator coordinate system inner distorsions.

In addition, this tool takes into account and illustrates deployment constraints of various units compared to each other.

It is possible to trace the « cuts » in the coverage in order to verify the effective coverage at a given altitude.

The maps stored on the local hard drive, are created out of real data. Their precision can go up to 1 pixel, thus corresponding to 5m in real conditions.