Health, safety and environment



Operantis has developed a 3D trainer for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training. This immersive trainer makes Vinci’s staff aware of the risk situations on a site. It makes the most of a real-time 3D light and high resolution, adaptable to its technical environment.


An innovative educational tool

Through a scenario in their work environment, the trainee discovers anomalies related to safety in a real-time 3D scene.
Assessment tools and exercises validate the skills acquired. In addition, the 3D trainer is accessible through a learning platform (LMS Scorm).


Qualitative advantages

Give access to all situations.
Give the freedom to make errors and permit the measurement of the consequences.
Analyse the individual and collective points which have not been mastered (Learning Platform).
Reinforce the effectiveness of face-to-face training (instructor support).
Boost training, break habits.


An immersive version

The same application is carried into an immersive environment in virtual reality (OCULUS or HTC VIVE types). Thanks to these technologies, the trainees are totally immersed in their work environment and navigates through the virtual site in search of risk situations. They can better analyse the situation and better understand the risks in which they develop on a daily basis.