BATISCAF – Energy diagnostics in Virtual Reality

BATISCAF is a multimedia software tool used to train operators in the field of energy efficiency and building comfort improvement in synergy with all actors in the construction and renovation sector.

This project was initiated by the Cercle PROMODUL (national association of the construction industry) and NOBATEK / INEF4 (private technology research center specialized in the development of innovative solutions for construction industry actors).
These organizations turned to YUMANEED (cognitive science and ergonomics specialists) and OPERANTIS to design and develop BATISCAF.

An immersive training

“The structure of the tool is simple: we put people in situation and set them as a goal to identify disorders, to evaluate the possible risks of an action (…) and to recommend an action plan”, explains Jean-Luc Buchou of the Cercle PROMODUL. A permanent validation of the achievements is also integrated into the solution, “since the computer intelligence makes it possible to see if the person demonstrates the adapted behavior to different situations”.

BATISCAF is a true training application which core technology is a virtual immersion software. There will be a first content related to the energy renovation in a family house (including about twenty scenarios) that will evolve to a potentially infinite number of training modules.

Built after the model of other sectors that already use virtual reality to train professionals (in aviation, for example), BATISCAF will offer a complete user-focused pedagogical course.

Simulation makes it possible to test the procedures for managing critical situations.

A cost effective and rewarding solution

Today, the reduction of 3D technologies costs in virtual reality also means a better return on investment in the construction industry. It is very rewarding for apprentices in building industry to know that they are trained with the same tools as the airline pilots!