Interactive training tool for the ongoing maintenance of EDF engineering constructions

In the framework of overall training renovation, the EDF Engineering Production Training Unit (UFPI), wanted to have its own presentation tool of a dam, thus enabling to study its various construction phases, auscultation tools and hydrostatic and thermal distortion effects.

Operantis has been selected by EDF to develop a 3D application which addresses this need.

Interactive training tool

The specifications written by EDF regarding this interactive and innovative training tool, pursued the following objectives:

  • Be able to see 9 phases of a dam creation – from greenfield until impounding
  • Display the 3D model at all angles and zoom on a specific zone
  • Identify and highlight construction specific zones
  • Animate construction evolutions

Training and classroom support tool

3D application can be used either in instructor-assisted classroom mode, or autonomously by the trainee in self-paced mode.

In classroom, the application delivers the essential support to the pedagogical message that the instructor wishes to transmit to trainees.

The instructor can easily illustrate his/her live explanations by adding visual details about the construction operation.

3D application allows to display construction internal mechanisms by showing normally « hidden » objects in transparent layers. The user can turn around and zoom on moving components. The user has a function at his/her disposal which enables him/her to move forward/rewind the animation. This way, the user is free to play cinematics until he/she has understood and memorized the operation.