93% of our customers are very satisfied!

In June 2017, all our customers were surveyed for the projects in progress or delivered during the past year (response rate: 65%).

Our survey was coevring the quality of the delivered products, the project realization, the technical and commercial proposals and then 2 questions on the overall satisfaction and the added value of Operantis.

The results were noted from 1 to 10. We have counted the percentages of notes above 8, which results with the following:

The results are very good and our goals have all been achieved

These results feed into our quality policy, one of whose focuses is to earn our customers loyalty (measured by indicators on conformity, delivery times, reporting and overall satisfaction).

Most of our customers appreciated:

  • the availability, the adaptation of the Operantis teams and the reactivity
  • the quality of the exchanges, listening to customers
  • the technical skills
  • the quality of the achievement
  • the respect of delivery times

There was no recurrence in the requests of our customers concerning the improvement except perhaps on the technical and commercial proposals (for which we are asked for more details).

The rest of the requests were seen directly with the concerned customers.

And many of you express your “spontaneous satisfaction” that we also take into account!


Thank you for your trust !

And see you next year for a new survey,

Sylvie DEGUISNE (Quality Manager)