3D HSE trainer for Vinci

Operantis has developed a 3D trainer in the framework of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training. This immersive tool enables to significantly raise the awareness of Vinci staff to risk situations on building construction sites. It takes full advantage of a light but High-Resolution 3D real-time database, customizable depending on the technical environment.

Innovative pedagogical tool

Through the reproduction of real job environment and conditions, the trainee discovers safety-related anomalies in a 3D real-time scene. These anomalies are randomly selected from a database, after their number has been defined by an instructor.

This way, by experimenting and practicing in a realistic but game-like context, the trainee will:

  • Understand safety rules
  • Understand why these rules have been put in place
  • Discover and put in place the best practices (avoiding risks for humans/equipment and materials).

Quiz and exercises allow to validate skills acquisition. In addition, 3D trainer is accessible for a Scorm compliant LMS.

Qualitative advantages

  • Access regular training
  • Give access to the whole set of situations
  • Give « the right to make mistakes » and allow to measure their consequences
  • Analyse individual and collective improvement points (Scorm LMS)
  • Strengthen the efficiency of classromm training (support by the instructeur)
  • Boost the training, “break routines”.

Advantages of HSE Vinci trainer

  • Strengthens the culture of safety, security and health
  • Improves the best practices mastership and the right behavior to adopt while facing risky situations
  • Increases profitability and competitiveness.

Immersive version

The same application has been released in Virtual Reality version (OCULUS or HTC VIVE equipment).

Thanks to these technologies, the trainee is completely immersed into his/her environment and navigates on a virtual construction site while looking for risky situations.

He/she thus can analyse the situation better, and better anticipate the risks he/she is facing in everyday job.